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We’ve provided articles to assist you and your family with adjusting to living with hearing loss.

Links Between Smoking and Hearing Loss

It's no secret that cigarette smoking is bad for your health and the health of those around you when you smoke. It's also costly, both for you financially and for society, due to the cost of caring for people with smoking-related diseases. And to add fuel to the fire,...

What Is An Audiologist?

The value of expertise Besides Audiology, one of my passions is photography.  I actually had a small side business creating nature and fine-art photographic prints, and was represented in a local gallery.  During an opening event I had someone come up to me...

Hearing Loops

From: The American Academy of Audiology A hearing loop provides enhanced functionality for hearing aids and cochlear implants. Even with the most up-to-date technology, hearing aids and cochlear implants cannot completely separate important sounds from background...

Latest Dalzells News

New Audiologist Dr. Kyrsten Stephany

A graduate of Wichita State University Audiology program, Dr. Stephany has been providing hearing diagnostics, hearing aid fittings, and counseling in private practice since 2015. She brings her experience serving newborns, children, and adults to our growing staff this fall. We are excited to welcome her to the team.