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Advice for Over the Counter Hearing Aid Users:

Read this before you buy With hearing aids now available over-the-counter from Walmart to Walgreens and even online in some states, these devices are meant to be used on older adults with mild-to-moderate hearing loss. These are sold ranging from very low entry...

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How We Hear

How We Measure Sound Intensity  Humans can hear sounds over an incredible range of intensity.  The difference between a 0 dB SPL sound (threshold of hearing) and a 130 dB SPL sound (painfully-loud) is 10,000,000,000,000.  It isn’t practical to use such enormous...

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Understanding High Pitch Hearing Loss

You Don’t Know What You’re Missing While You’re Missing It Ever wondered why people who have cataract surgery are so surprised at the brightness of colors and the crispness of images following corrective surgery?  Because we see with our brains, not our eyes. The...

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Understanding Research Methods For Better Hearing

Don’t Believe Everything You Read It seems every day I read about some new study proving that ‘Brand X is good for your heart’ or ‘Product Y slows down aging’.  We’re taught that clinical research is scientific and therefore truthful; however, not all clinical...

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Links Between Smoking and Hearing Loss

It's no secret that cigarette smoking is bad for your health and the health of those around you when you smoke. It's also costly, both for you financially and for society, due to the cost of caring for people with smoking-related diseases. And to add fuel to the fire,...

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