We are asked “what brand of hearing aid is best” on a regular basis so this article was created to share that information with you directly. The hearing aid brands that we recommend as a practice are tried and true options that have continued to offer excellent customized performance, extended user features, and stand up well to daily use for several years. 

Hearing technologies have advanced rapidly in the past few years offering quick recharging, rechargeable batteries, health data tracking, slimmer, curved behind-the-ear fit, and phone app control over your device.  Adaptive AI-controlled listening programs, feedback suppression technology, and fully programmable sound amplifiers are among the features now available. It’s a whole new world for hearing aid wearers!

With a myriad of confusing options out there today, we currently recommend and fit the following proven brands on the market:

Oticon – This hearing aid brand has been on the market for over 20 years. They have a sterling reputation for producing natural sound, and are working hard to “provide access to the full sound scene.” Whether you have mild-to-profound hearing loss or only have one ear that needs support, Oticon hearing solutions are an excellent choice.

Phonak – Research is critical to constant improvement. Aside from designing very small and powerful hearing aids to support your maximum hearing ability, they have just launched the first fully waterproof and rechargeable hearing aid. If a healthy lifestyle is important to you, Phonak also offers an option for high connectivity to your smartphone, tv and apps, as well as the most sophisticated directional microphones systems available.

Size Does Matter

In today’s world, hearing aids have been engineered smaller and smaller, and to blend into a wide variety of skin tones and hair colors. A beautiful match is always available. See our article that explains the many advanced hearing aid options for today’s wearers through our offices. 

Keep Your Cognition

We now know through research that one of the factors in the loss of cognition in later years is related to hearing loss. Mild hearing loss doubles your dementia risk, so the earlier your hearing health is addressed, the more your brain can adapt and stay sharp! Read the study by the University of Colorado.

Tinnitus Management 

Hearing aids are often recommended as part of a therapy program to diminish the frustration people feel and create a path forward. Dalzells’ Audiology is the only program in Rochester to partner with a wellness expert for tinnitus patients for a unique path forward.

Interested in Financing?

Talk to our staff about financing if full payment is not an option. We’d like to see you in the best solution for your living situation and so have included this payment option for our patients. Learn more about this offer.

At Dalzells Audiology, our patients come back year after year because of our professional service, kind and knowledgable AuD’s, and low-pressure to purchase medical equipment. Our goal is to be certain you are paired with the most appropriate hearing instrument for YOUR current lifestyle and listening needs – to be sure that you get the most from life.

We are Restoring Communication.