Audiologists at Dalzells Audiology have the latest technology from basic hearing instruments to the most sophisticated devices. The audiologists choose instruments from manufacturers that are known for their extensive research and development as well as their durability.

Modern hearing instruments are miniature super-computers with dozens of parameters which must be programmed according to your specific needs.  Even the best hearing instruments will fail to meet your needs if selected or programmed incorrectly/poorly.



New technologies are available in all hearing aid styles. Nearly everyone with hearing loss can be helped with today’s digital hearing aids, but quality and features vary greatly among them. To achieve good benefit, hearing aids must be selected and programmed appropriately for your hearing loss and lifestyle. Therefore, the expertise of your audiologist is very important.

There are a wide range of features among today’s digital hearing aids. Digital hearing aids are programmed by your audiologist using a computer. Many digital hearing aids have multiple programs for various listening situations, such as in noise or groups and for telephone, television, and music. Some digital hearing aids have dual microphones to reduce background noise and improve reception in a quiet versus noisy situation. Digital hearing aids typically have automatic volume adjustment. Digital hearing aids can be reprogrammed to accommodate changes in hearing and listening needs.

Not all hearing difficulties can be solved by hearing aid(s) alone. Assistive listening devices can be used alone or with hearing aid(s) to improve communication in specific situations, such as with telephone, television, or in meetings.



Styles of Hearing Aids



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